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how to distinguish a good brake pads  ?

how to distinguish a good brake pads  ?
Update Time:2016-09-16

1  The right quality criterias.

2  A stable baking plate.

3  Pins on the plate for a better adhesion of the friction material.

4  Special accessories like compensation weights.

5  Mixture of friction material.

6  Chamfer design or slots for less noise generation.

7  Choose between bonded and riveted friction material. All brakes need to have a softer friction material attached to the stronger metal backing plate.

8  Think about your driving requirements when choosing a brake pad material. Purchasing replacement brake pads will require you to make a choice about the material they are made from. At this point, you need to determine how severe your braking needs are. Some things to consider include:

(1)How mountainous is your driving?

(2)How hot is the climate you live in?

(3)What are the traffic patterns you travel in?

(4)How tolerant are you to brakes that squeal a bit?

(5)Do you have to deal with deep puddles in the winter or rainy season?

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